I read a post on Facebook about how an entrepreneur felt he was the most miserable and unsuccessful person on the planet before meeting a set of young boys who’s conversation made him realise he may well be an above average person.

Life sometimes throws us down out of balance to teach us lessons and humble us. Sometimes it lifts us up, making us feel like we are the best and most favorite people on the planet. 

All in all we all need to learn at our highs and lows. We need to be humble when things are going well and acknowledge those who may be struggling yet not getting results. At our lows we need to understand that its not that bad and things would get better.

In life we need to be appreciative of where we are, satisfied that we are doing our best daily and hold on to hope for a better more fulfilled future.

The tragedy is when we loose hope for the future and live a dissatisfied present. Many in their old age look back on how they’ve spent their lives only to realise that after being alive for 40years or more they never really lived at all. 

And that there would be the biggest tragedy of any Human life.