This year has been the most sickly of years for me in like more than fifteen years. Seriously! The worst I’ve had are quick day trips to the hospital, injections and medicines that make me feel like dying, but then I usually get better. Not this time though. Not this year.

Of the four months already spent this year I can say I’ve shared it fairly between work and hospitals. Drugs suddenly became my friend (I hate drugs with passion, my throat always constrict even when I see a syrup). But this year has been the worst so far.

Right now I’m writing from my sick bed. But somehow, I’ve been able to focus mental energy to doing something I love, something I’d always do if I get the chance for free or for money it doesn’t really matter.

These pasts days especially as got me thinking about what I really want from life. True I want to be financially free, but now that I’m thinking of it I wonder at what cost do I want this money? With all the stress and daily wahala that’s causing me to break down every now and then I realise my wallet is still like onions that makes me cry each time I open it. Lol

But seriously, I just wonder why all the work has not yet paid off. Am I running the wrong race? Am I chasing after the wrong things.

When my doctor saw me last Friday his expression was like that of “You Again!” then he smiled and said you seem to enjoy staying here. Stress is killing you madam and you’re letting it. My head dropped, knowing somehow I have allowed my life to be about work only, like I live to work not work to live.

So I started researching how to reduce stress. I’ve reached out to someone who can help coach me out of this unhealthy lifestyle.

True, I’ve been eating healthy thinking that will keep me out of the clinic but it’s obviously more than that.

I hope as I explore the alternatives, while still chasing money. Lol, I’ll be healthy enough to share my experience on how I’ve been able to cope with stress, while building a meaningful life.

But in the mean time. Let me share my thoughts on money, life and good health with this quotes that represents my current state of mind. I hope this encourages you too to look inward and make positive adjustment (s) before its too late.

Credit: all quotes are from Google image



I know I’ve been away for a while now. But not this time I said to myself, not again. 

I won’t wake up on a Monday morning like this and my first post of the year will be about why I’ve been away, how I’ve been struggling to write or if I even want to write again. 

Like I’ve written before in one of my posts (that I’m to lazy to find and refer to) that I won’t be giving excuses again about been absent because I’ll try to always be here writing about one thing or the other. And another post that (I’m still too lazy to refer to) that I’m posting for myself and not for views/reads.

Sigh, now I’m sounding defensive. Hey! Issa Monday morning and I’ve been thinking about parable of the talents. It’s not confusing but it’s been biting hard at me. 

(Yawn) mehn even this post is early for me. Few people think I can sing, but does this mean I’m supposed to pursue a career in music? Does being a musician only entail having a good voice? Some people think I can write well. Is this even a talent if it is, am I still supposed to become a published author while pursuing a music career? 

(Another yawn) seriously I’m still in holiday mood, I don’t think it’s fair that I have to go to work this morning but I need the money. I’m concerned though if this is the job for me. 

If I can sing and write why am I safely tucking my life away in an employed zone. Will God judge me for not becoming a musician or writer at the end of my life.

I’m so sleepy and confused right now. But nobody comments on my posts so maybe I’m just talking to myself wondering if the universe will hear me and send me answers.

If you’ve at least taken time to read through Thump’s up. You do well. But you also need to pounder this. 

Do you have abilities, are they talents, what are we supposed to do with them?

See you when I see you.



I’ve being struggling with church attendance. Initially, I felt guilty. I was so guilt ridden I started to think I was bound for hell if I continued to avoid church.


Growing up, church attendance was absolutely important. The only time we won’t go is when on admission in the hospital. In fact after secondary school while i waited for my WASSCE and jamb result church became an everyday activity. 

Hence, I got used to beliving that in order to make heaven the first and perhaps one of the most important factor is church attendance. My struggle in the last few weeks has being real. My mind felt like a battle ground.

Sometimes, the good wins and i go to church. Emotionally I’m happy but deep inside I start to wonder if I went to mass just to fulfill an emotional need or if I thought it really important to attend.


Eventually, I resolved to stay away from church until I found the source to this inner battle. Wage my wars and come out with a decision. The last few weeks has been interesting. I’ve not attended mass, but I’ve made note to watch and follow at least one mass on TV. 


On Sunday (I wanted to go to mass for thanksgiving but didn’t ), I had watched mass on TV and gone on with my day. But it dawned on me. I really listened to what the priest was saying without biase, without anxiety. 

I was at peace, I was in the right disposition to listen to God’s word, take notes and even remind myself that God is my everything. 


That’s when I found it. The main put off I’ve had in weeks about going to church had nothing to do with my relationship with God. I still prayed fervently more than once a day. I still read the bible at free time and did devotions. I still said my Catholic prayers and followed bible study plans. 

What I found unsettlingly was the way and manner money is raised in the church. We believe to stay close to God we need to give our substance so we can get answers to our prayers. The priest stands on the alter issuing subtle threats and causes on anyone who dears not contribute his substance. 

Sitting on the pew while everyone goes for offering makes other Church members look at you funny .  There is the body language that screams You Rebel! 

What about the time we spend? I came to note that liturgy of the word and holy Eucharist lasts about thirty minutes (when the priest does not overly stretch the liturgy of the word) then we spend the remaining two and half or three hours raising money for one project or another. 

In fact during harvest season we think it more important to launch and make money for the harvest than the liturgy of the word and holy Eucharist which is the foundation and crux on our coming together. The word is rushed sometimes. Skipping the preaching aspect altogether is considered prudent in some cases to allow more time to “raise” money for harvest.


What are we really doing? I’ve attended churches that holds 1hour masses on Sundays and everything is Incorporated. The preaching is concised and effective. I was better for it.

And I’ve attended churches (most common group) where the mass lasted and average of 31/2 hours with preaching too long that majority are sleeping or skipped altogether to raise money. Majorly, I discovered that only Dominican priests took not wasting time seriously around here and truly considered spiritual growth of their congregation more important than raising more. Unfortunately only few of those parishes exists. Many of the rest are no better than the pentecostal churches they enjoy condemning.

Now I know what I didn’t agree with. I know why I started hating going to church. I’d love to go back to attending church regularly on Sundays but I’m unsure of what how to achieve this without feeling I’m going for a fund raiser instead of the gathering of brethren…

This is not my first post arrgghh!

While like the title states. This is not my first post. But it is the post were I get to whine and complain and become angry about why I just don’t seem to get things right for either the first or third time.

I will not bore you with the dreamz I had for my blog when I started almost two years ago. How it seemed I was growing and the huge mess I found myself in trying to decide which platform was good enough to host my “great” blog.

I upgraded to a dotcom status and announced that with all the excitement and hopes not knowing my eyes were blurred with dreamzzzz. Ah!

It’s being another hard year gone bye. A hacked website and an eventual wiping off of all my painfully researched and thought through posts .

I decided I was done blogging. I decided I had no energy for any such frivolities anymore. Enough is Enough!

It’s time to face my day job with all the extra energy since I seem to have it in abundance. Shior.

In the last three weeks my boss just won’t give me a break. I don’t know who told her but somehow she found out I “run” a blog. Unfortunately she couldn’t find the website and started asking me about the blog. I couldn’t tell her the blog was now in my past because it made me feel like a failure. I was too ashamed to tell her I “used” to run a blog because it just meant I have accepted defeat.

Sigh. Opening my mail this morning I saw a message encouraging me to renew my subscription to the dotcom thingy and inside me boiled. Exchange rate is not funny today’s black market for Iya Charlie (Great British Pounds) is N618 to 1GBP and wordpress is encouraging me to renew for what?!¬† oshi * is that my problem now?

I was sha vexed, then I found myself stirring at my dashboard this afternoon (I don’t know why really).

I eventually, decided that maybe I am not destined to harmmer through blogging. But if I can’t hammer (make money) I can sha be venting and talking anyhow since it’s a free platform and my opinion is mine.