I like chewing on ginger while cooking. But I know two guys who enjoy snacking on ginger. For them the peppery taste keeps making them ask for more.

My husband on the other hand does not like ginger much, so I sneak it in our soups. Lol (there are many things I sneak into our meals). 

However, I just thought I should share the benefits of ginger as a reminder of why this plant is a great addition to our diet.

You can call ginger a Chinese plant because it originates from China. The root is dug, washed and sold either fresh, dried or as oil. 


Gingerol; ginger root contains abundance of this substance. Gingerol is known for its anti inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects.

Nausea treatments: if you’re pregnant, sea sick, or just feel like throwing up. Eat a small piece of ginger and you’d be fine. No kidding. Extensive research as being done to prove this. Now to sweeten the deal here there is no side effects to taking ginger.

Muscle pains: that muscle pull or continuous sprains you have  when you stretch your body or from exercise can be eased if you include ginger in your diet.

Ease on  osteoarthritis: because of its anti inflammatory properties ginger eases pain experienced by osteoarthritis patients.

Prevention of Stroke and Heart disease; because of its anti blood clotting properties, ginger is a great way to prevent strokes and heart diseases. 

Well, if you’ve not being one to include ginger in your meal its never too late to start. Join today, keep your health in tiptop shape. Sounds like an ad for ginger shey, if it makes it feel like you’re reading about a great product, then well ginger is correctly one of the greatest plants ever discovered.



Its not enough for us to talk about how we can shed our old life of unproductivity, neither should it be enough to talk about living a healthy life. 

How about discussing our options, defining what’s healthy, setting goals to achieve all round healthy living. How about becoming empowered to live better quality of life. 

Well this week long I’ve decided that its about time we talk about the six greatest ways to improve the taste of our home cooked meal and health. 

You see, I’ve discovered that there are some natural ingredients we can add to our meals to enhance better health, help us lose weight (if that’s what you want to achieve) and even repair our skin and organs down to our cell level. 

Some of the topics this week would be a reminder and a motivation to eat them more often. Some however, may be new to you. Anyhow I hope you’d enjoy the journey this week as I hope I would. 

Happy Sunday y’all. Have a restful one cos this week we are blowing our way into better health.


Sigh, I can’t over emphasis my love for writing. Chit chatting with my hands always makes me feel fulfilled somehow its being a struggle recently to even pick my pen up.

I started multiple posts during the holiday but barely completed one. While I have so many ideas of where I want to go and how many posts I’d really like to publish weekly, its being a struggle to keep up with my dreamz.

I thought to myself, haven’t I hit rock bottom already? Must I reach rock bottom before I can be fired up to live full and die empty? Why am I complacent (there’s still a lot I desire that i have not achieved).Last night I was looking for some motivation to write when I saw a video on YouTube. An interview with Lisa khols. I was moved to tears, I felt her hunger and drive and was surprised she’s been able achieve so much from nothing but drive and hunger.

By this morning I realise one bitter truth, “SETTLEMENT ” I remind my conscious self of the many times I’ve being told /made to settle in life. The many times I’ve worked hard for something and for no fault of mine or for external factors I’ve been told to settle for something else even though it was recognised that I’ve given more than enough to earn better.As the night crept by slowly I tossed and turned asking myself this question. WHY AM I SO COMFORTABLE WITH LITTLE?.

Now the settlement mentality is haunting my present. I am refusing to be hungry for more, because deep down I fear I may only work for it, pay for it but never earn it for whatever reason. I’m afraid to demand more from life because I now accept that the only thing I can get is what is given but since I’m not your regular “lucky” lady then I won’t be earning nothing soon.

This is the rude shock that rocked my world this morning. As I write, I do so with my head bowed in shame, knowing my life would have been different from what it is if only I can believe that when I put in the work I would get the desired result or even better.

Fortunately, this shame and sadness inspired me to write this morning. I realise many people from my kind of socio-economic baground struggle with a similar thing.

We are okay, as long as we can scrape the littlest from the ground. Most of us barely surviving to live.


Because we have come to accept that it’s only in America a nobody can become somebody. Our society is riddled and torn apart by nepotism and unfairness. Hard work is not awarded making mediocrity the order of the day.

But in all, I really write this post not for the struggle that fills it, but for the awakenings of all who read through.

Our society may be anything but supportive of innovations and bright minds. It may be riddled with holes of praise for what is wrong and refusal to recognise hard work. But at the end of the day, we are here, right now in this generation at this point in human history for a reason.

If it’s all perfect and there are no huddles to be crossed would we have a colourful story to tell?

This morning I encourage myself and you reading this (i will personalize for your sake).

Bukunmi (put your name) from this day on I will embrace my struggle(s). I will do whatever its going to take me to fight back any negative conscious and subconscious believe that i now consider facts against living the life I was born to live. I will lead a healthy, productive and positive life everyday that remains. I refuse to live in the regret(s) of my past, I promise to enjoy and be present in every moment. I decide today to look forward to the future like a small child, knowing everything and anything is possible if I put in the work and trust God to guide me through.


I read a post on Facebook about how an entrepreneur felt he was the most miserable and unsuccessful person on the planet before meeting a set of young boys who’s conversation made him realise he may well be an above average person.

Life sometimes throws us down out of balance to teach us lessons and humble us. Sometimes it lifts us up, making us feel like we are the best and most favorite people on the planet. 

All in all we all need to learn at our highs and lows. We need to be humble when things are going well and acknowledge those who may be struggling yet not getting results. At our lows we need to understand that its not that bad and things would get better.

In life we need to be appreciative of where we are, satisfied that we are doing our best daily and hold on to hope for a better more fulfilled future.

The tragedy is when we loose hope for the future and live a dissatisfied present. Many in their old age look back on how they’ve spent their lives only to realise that after being alive for 40years or more they never really lived at all. 

And that there would be the biggest tragedy of any Human life.