It’s a bright Friday morning. The clear skies brings to my consciousness what transparency looks like. 

It’s beautiful.

We are familiar with the sentence don’t lie to me; just tell me the truth. However, unready we are to hear that truth…

I remember discovering something about someone and didn’t know how to tell the affected party who was my friend that she’s being lied to. Eventually I told her what I had found out, but it cost me my friend.

Most times truth comes at a cost. What I’ve discovered however is that it doesn’t have to be bitter every time we say it.

Knowing the painful power of truth, it is important that when we decide to speak it, it should be with empathy, love and care for the person we speak to.

Jesus is one person known to have spoken the truth at all times. While he hurt the egos of most Pharisees. He was able to speak truth with compassion and love to the Samaritan woman at the well. 

He spoke so kindly that she felt the power of is words and was drawn to it to the point that she went about spreading the news of Jesus’ presence in her village.

Let’s also recall Jesus conversation with the apostles during the last super. Though he informed, Peter will betray him, he also told all, that he as prayed for him. He didn’t go attacking Peter with the truth about his weakness. He spoke to him out of a place of pity and understanding of his human weakness.

All that being said, we have an example in Christ. The truth does not change even when we use a little love in dishing it out.



I can’t keep but think back to when I was an evil minded child. I hated the cry of babies. I wasn’t sympathetic towards those helpless beings at all. In fact I thought them to be attention seekers.

My hatred for infants knew no bounds as a child. However, at the back of my mind I always thought if I armed any of them babies I may grow up regretting it. I may grow up to realise I love them and won’t be able to forgive my younger self. This sort of restrained me from actually carrying out my hatred for babies.

Fast forward to present day. I have come to understand that because the devil was thrown out from a place of elevation to this world. We all have become vulnerable to being a dwelling place to either God or satan.

A child is tabula-rasa. Though clean, they are also susceptible to the worst kind of evil. What an individual chooses to allow in his mind will determine what kind of adults we become.

There is a reason Jesus referred to his body as the “temple” not minding the large and luxurious temple built by human hands. 

There’s a reason Apostle Paul talks about edifying our spirit with good and heavenly things because these things matter.
In building up a strong spirit, full of goodness and humane character we need to feed our minds and body with healthy and good food, informatoon and even clothing. The kind of music you listen to, movies you watch, books you read all add up to the kind and quality of dreams your mind can conceive.

Have you watched a scary movie and found it difficult to sleep? Yea, but its just a movie isn’t it? 

If all you hear and read about are bad things, wars, death of people. Racial/ ethnic clashes. Its only a matter of time before you become an angry, bitter individual. If on the other hand you eat healthy, listen to good inspiring music and stories. Watch movie that elevate you and hold positive discussions, even the most pessimistic person will start seeing something good in this life.

This is the beginning of a new week. Let the voice of Apostle Paul resound in our heart and ears. Let it be a reminder to only allow good dwell in us and direct our actions because Evil dwells here too. But we should never allow ourselves be the house/temple for it.


I used to think myself a giver. Giving those around me when in need. Infact I can go an extra mile and even borrow to help someone in need.

That was me. The person I thought I was. The person I smiled at in the mirror and said, you’re doing good girl. You will make heaven because you are generous.


For some reasons my wedding date was moved up unexpectedly, leaving me cash trapped. I was desperately in need of money to support the wedding preparation. Unfortunately all those who I’d given, gone all the way out for or made a sacrifice for refused to move an inche  to help out.


At this point i was frustrated. I lashed out a few times. Angry that all those who I’d helped have refused to come to my aid in my time of need.

I realise these people are the “needy” always only around when in need. They were never going to really pay me back. I was only in their lives for the service I provided (help).

Wedding preparation continued as planned, but I was really angry at this discovery. I was disappointed and hurt.


I took a bible study plan about extravagant praise and that was when I discovered I had never truly being a generous person in the first place.

I was someone who invested in the wrong place. Who gave to those who I expected would give me back on a raining day like my wedding period. 

I went all out for people so they will owe me and in turn pay up when time is due.


Months after the wedding, an unexpected gift was given to me by the least expected person. She said its better late than never. I was excited that months after the wedding gifts were still rolling in. 

However, still what is generosity? 


While it is good to give even friends and family I think giving strangers is a great way to check our reasons for giving.  Assisting the littlest in our society in secret confirms our motive (if you’re unable to do this you know you’re not giving for the right reasons).

The story of the woman with the alabaster jar shows she didn’t care about the price of the perfume nor did she care about the value of her hair. Her coming to Jesus was purely out of overwhelming love and admiration. 

Until we learn to give in secret without expecting anything in return, we cannot ascribe the word generous to ourselves. 

If you give publicly and you have received praise and admiration of those around you for “doing good” you are not generous. It means you get off of people’s praise. That praise not heaven is your reward right there and you’re only a praise junky.

If you give like I used to; giving those who I consider friends and family with the hope of being helped someday is not generosity either and there is no reward in heaven waiting for you. It’s investing and I hope unlike me you will invest wisely if you so decide to do so.