I can’t keep but think back to when I was an evil minded child. I hated the cry of babies. I wasn’t sympathetic towards those helpless beings at all. In fact I thought them to be attention seekers.

My hatred for infants knew no bounds as a child. However, at the back of my mind I always thought if I armed any of them babies I may grow up regretting it. I may grow up to realise I love them and won’t be able to forgive my younger self. This sort of restrained me from actually carrying out my hatred for babies.

Fast forward to present day. I have come to understand that because the devil was thrown out from a place of elevation to this world. We all have become vulnerable to being a dwelling place to either God or satan.

A child is tabula-rasa. Though clean, they are also susceptible to the worst kind of evil. What an individual chooses to allow in his mind will determine what kind of adults we become.

There is a reason Jesus referred to his body as the “temple” not minding the large and luxurious temple built by human hands. 

There’s a reason Apostle Paul talks about edifying our spirit with good and heavenly things because these things matter.
In building up a strong spirit, full of goodness and humane character we need to feed our minds and body with healthy and good food, informatoon and even clothing. The kind of music you listen to, movies you watch, books you read all add up to the kind and quality of dreams your mind can conceive.

Have you watched a scary movie and found it difficult to sleep? Yea, but its just a movie isn’t it? 

If all you hear and read about are bad things, wars, death of people. Racial/ ethnic clashes. Its only a matter of time before you become an angry, bitter individual. If on the other hand you eat healthy, listen to good inspiring music and stories. Watch movie that elevate you and hold positive discussions, even the most pessimistic person will start seeing something good in this life.

This is the beginning of a new week. Let the voice of Apostle Paul resound in our heart and ears. Let it be a reminder to only allow good dwell in us and direct our actions because Evil dwells here too. But we should never allow ourselves be the house/temple for it.