This is my husband’s fav. He eats it raw, cooked, fried, smoked… Anyhow you make it, my Husband loves himself a good onion bulb.

For me I like it in moderation, like blending it with pepper or slicing it in soup sauce. But after getting married I realise my husband would stay in kitchen with me watching and giving instructions to add “more” onions. Put more Na he’s always saying. 

Good thing I discovered now that onion is one of the greatest ingredients your can add to your meal daily. Fear not none ever went to hospital for over dozing on onions lol.

You see onions vary in specie, but like ginger they are also of Asian decent. Onions have been used from way back when, for it’s healing properties and for food. In fact it is recorded that onions were used thousands if years ago to bury the dead in Egypt because of the ring like structure they have, they are believed to be “rings of life “.


Rich in Vitamin A(for good sight, skin),B6 (improves metabolism,immune system), Iron (gives you energy, assist with brain nerve coordination) and Phosphate (better bone formation, regulated pooping, hormonal balance, proper nutrient utilization). Need i say more?

Stiffness of blood vessel; onions reduces stiffness of blood vessels, hence reducing exposure to stroke and cardiac conditions.

Cancer prevention; a compound produced by onions as being known to kill cancerous cells.

Antiseptic/antibacterial; onion oil used as a strong antiseptic and antibacterial treatment.

Lowers Production of bad cholesterol: raw onions eaten helps lowers production of bad cholesterol in the body

No more fever, cold or allergies: Onion and Honey when mixed is used to treat fever, cold and allergies.

Reduce nose bleeding: if you notice you’re bleeding from the nose just cut the onion in two, put a small slice under your nose and inhale. It will help reduce/stop the bleeding.

Natural Antidepressant: onion is a good natural antidepressant. it also aids sleep and appetite.

Long story short, what will you do if you could choose between eating food to improve your health or eaten drugs to survive?




I like chewing on ginger while cooking. But I know two guys who enjoy snacking on ginger. For them the peppery taste keeps making them ask for more.

My husband on the other hand does not like ginger much, so I sneak it in our soups. Lol (there are many things I sneak into our meals). 

However, I just thought I should share the benefits of ginger as a reminder of why this plant is a great addition to our diet.

You can call ginger a Chinese plant because it originates from China. The root is dug, washed and sold either fresh, dried or as oil. 


Gingerol; ginger root contains abundance of this substance. Gingerol is known for its anti inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects.

Nausea treatments: if you’re pregnant, sea sick, or just feel like throwing up. Eat a small piece of ginger and you’d be fine. No kidding. Extensive research as being done to prove this. Now to sweeten the deal here there is no side effects to taking ginger.

Muscle pains: that muscle pull or continuous sprains you have  when you stretch your body or from exercise can be eased if you include ginger in your diet.

Ease on  osteoarthritis: because of its anti inflammatory properties ginger eases pain experienced by osteoarthritis patients.

Prevention of Stroke and Heart disease; because of its anti blood clotting properties, ginger is a great way to prevent strokes and heart diseases. 

Well, if you’ve not being one to include ginger in your meal its never too late to start. Join today, keep your health in tiptop shape. Sounds like an ad for ginger shey, if it makes it feel like you’re reading about a great product, then well ginger is correctly one of the greatest plants ever discovered.


Its not enough for us to talk about how we can shed our old life of unproductivity, neither should it be enough to talk about living a healthy life. 

How about discussing our options, defining what’s healthy, setting goals to achieve all round healthy living. How about becoming empowered to live better quality of life. 

Well this week long I’ve decided that its about time we talk about the six greatest ways to improve the taste of our home cooked meal and health. 

You see, I’ve discovered that there are some natural ingredients we can add to our meals to enhance better health, help us lose weight (if that’s what you want to achieve) and even repair our skin and organs down to our cell level. 

Some of the topics this week would be a reminder and a motivation to eat them more often. Some however, may be new to you. Anyhow I hope you’d enjoy the journey this week as I hope I would. 

Happy Sunday y’all. Have a restful one cos this week we are blowing our way into better health.


We all have our dreamz. We have planned out our lives one way or the other. 

I remember drawing my life plan at 21 and saying to myself “I will be worth millions of Naira by age 31”. 

Yea right. I’m over 31 now and realise what I truly desire isn’t money. All those years, drawing a life plan, reciting my goals in a mirror and saying over and over again to myself that I will achieve my dream were superficial as my true desire is not to have plenty money ( i still want to have financial freedom) but having impact on people is the thing that fulfills me the most.

In a bid to achieve my goal to have more money, I have started several businesses, bought into several businesses, but alas all I’ve done is throw money down the drain.

Then I found writing. Well, I’ve always written just didn’t realise I could make a difference, do something good with what I’ve got. 

A few years ago, my goal was to amass wealth. 

Reality check what I really want is to make a difference in life. 

Have you done a reality check recently, does it fill the big hole in your chest? If it doesn’t, then like me, you will see your goals are far from reality, they are different from your destiny.

Do yourself a favour, do this world some good. Align your goals with your true self. Find your core.


Getting my fears out yesterday made me feel light and able to start pursuing that which I really desire. Fortunately, I was hammered with a good doze on the topic consistency all through the day. What a coincidence right!

I know the journey is just beginning, I also realise its going to take daily doses of motivation to keep me going and a large continuous doze of self drive and determination. Good thing is I’m ready to put in the work now. 

So about consistency ; the dictionary interpretation.

1Consistent behaviour or treatment.

‘the consistency of measurement techniques’

1The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.

Now we know to be consistent does not only mean doing the same thing over, it means doing the same thing at a level of quality over a period of time. 

We are not allowed to do today and reduce our effort at trying tomorrow. If we must succeed, then we must keep the quality of work, learn and improve. 

Yesterday, I found my fault. 

Today, I’ve decided to consistently put in the work required to achieve my dreamz because if I don’t, time will pass anyway and I’d rather fail than hold the regret of what may have being.


Sigh, I can’t over emphasis my love for writing. Chit chatting with my hands always makes me feel fulfilled somehow its being a struggle recently to even pick my pen up.

I started multiple posts during the holiday but barely completed one. While I have so many ideas of where I want to go and how many posts I’d really like to publish weekly, its being a struggle to keep up with my dreamz.

I thought to myself, haven’t I hit rock bottom already? Must I reach rock bottom before I can be fired up to live full and die empty? Why am I complacent (there’s still a lot I desire that i have not achieved).Last night I was looking for some motivation to write when I saw a video on YouTube. An interview with Lisa khols. I was moved to tears, I felt her hunger and drive and was surprised she’s been able achieve so much from nothing but drive and hunger.

By this morning I realise one bitter truth, “SETTLEMENT ” I remind my conscious self of the many times I’ve being told /made to settle in life. The many times I’ve worked hard for something and for no fault of mine or for external factors I’ve been told to settle for something else even though it was recognised that I’ve given more than enough to earn better.As the night crept by slowly I tossed and turned asking myself this question. WHY AM I SO COMFORTABLE WITH LITTLE?.

Now the settlement mentality is haunting my present. I am refusing to be hungry for more, because deep down I fear I may only work for it, pay for it but never earn it for whatever reason. I’m afraid to demand more from life because I now accept that the only thing I can get is what is given but since I’m not your regular “lucky” lady then I won’t be earning nothing soon.

This is the rude shock that rocked my world this morning. As I write, I do so with my head bowed in shame, knowing my life would have been different from what it is if only I can believe that when I put in the work I would get the desired result or even better.

Fortunately, this shame and sadness inspired me to write this morning. I realise many people from my kind of socio-economic baground struggle with a similar thing.

We are okay, as long as we can scrape the littlest from the ground. Most of us barely surviving to live.


Because we have come to accept that it’s only in America a nobody can become somebody. Our society is riddled and torn apart by nepotism and unfairness. Hard work is not awarded making mediocrity the order of the day.

But in all, I really write this post not for the struggle that fills it, but for the awakenings of all who read through.

Our society may be anything but supportive of innovations and bright minds. It may be riddled with holes of praise for what is wrong and refusal to recognise hard work. But at the end of the day, we are here, right now in this generation at this point in human history for a reason.

If it’s all perfect and there are no huddles to be crossed would we have a colourful story to tell?

This morning I encourage myself and you reading this (i will personalize for your sake).

Bukunmi (put your name) from this day on I will embrace my struggle(s). I will do whatever its going to take me to fight back any negative conscious and subconscious believe that i now consider facts against living the life I was born to live. I will lead a healthy, productive and positive life everyday that remains. I refuse to live in the regret(s) of my past, I promise to enjoy and be present in every moment. I decide today to look forward to the future like a small child, knowing everything and anything is possible if I put in the work and trust God to guide me through.


Fitness seem to be in vogue now. Everybody is talking about keeping physically fit. What I find interesting though is the look on peoples face when I say I want to keep fit too.

Many of us seem to think keep fit is only for plus sized people. We think deciding to join a gym or exercise on daily basis always has something to do with drop an extra kilogram in body weight.

What we may be naive about is being slim is not tantamount to being fit. Don’t mistake the two. I’ve seen very agile plus sized people and very unfit slim people.

We all are exposed to many joint rigidity in today’s age were we spend most of our time sitting in traffic, in front of a computer, at the office or laying in bed. 

So I thought to share a few benefit of exercising.

  • It increases blood flow and encourages easier circulation in your body. This alone, increases our ability to perform mentally and react more quickly to stimuli. Sometimes what determines our success is our ability to think or act fast and this is determined by how quickly your brain gets the memo to see opportunities around.
  • Exercising is also a great way to relief stress. Because it increases our mental ability, its helps us to solve more problems more quickly this way we are able to have a more productive day and sleep a lot better.
  • Weight control. The popular way to drop a few kilograms is through exercise. Well it is actually for controlling or managing your body weight. While one may loose weight through exercising, we are able to monitor and control both weight loss and gain by maintaining a healthy dose of exercise.
  • Beauty therapy ; nothing good comes easy. That Beyonce’s flat tummy look after four weeks of having them twins didn’t come by magic. The beautiful skin your fit friend has is not only because she moisturises. Because there is increased circulation through exercise the skin of a fit person glows better.
  • Stronger bones and muscles (toned body) are often as a result of regular exercise.

Well the beautiful thing is keeping fit only cost you your willingness. You can follow simple exercise videos anytime of the day to get your body warmed up and flexible.

Initially, I thought investing in gym clothes, and equipment will motivate me to exercise. Now I realise owning a truck load of Nike or ivy park outfit won’t do the trick.

I’ve decided to keep fit as soon as I get a body scale. I’m not waiting till when I can afford to own a in house gym.

I’ll let you know as soon as I start and maybe I could do some life videos while at it. That way we can motivate and push each other to live a healthy life. 

I’m thin but not fit, my goal is to add a little more weight and be fit. What’s your goal?


This is Africa and if anything is a constant from north to south, east to west Africa is the pressure on a woman to get married at a certain age. 

If you don’t? You’re seen as a “failure” no matter what you achieve outside of marriage. Not just that though, any success she accrue is seen as a direct hand down from a sugar daddy. 

The perception that a woman can be smart and successful is lost in our society and everything she owns or achieves is consequently seen as a gift of her having a Virginia or a sexy body.

If eventually she gets married? People starts talking about her having children. Sometimes even the husband pressures her for not getting pregnant (meanwhile sometimes that man may be the infertile partner). It is just believed generally that immediately a woman gets married the next thing is to start bearing children.

My colleague and I were joking around on our way to work. When a matter of another colleague who had just put to bed came up. Next thing he said is we are coming to your house next for a naming. Then I said Amen. Next thing he said was, it’s not a matter of amen, I give you till next year to invite us for your child’s naming ceremony. I was taken aback and spat out. What!

He looked at me, surprised that I was shocked then said well you’ve been married for a few months now don’t you think its time to have children. Is that not the reason for marriage? It took me a few moments to put myself together and reply (now really angry). 

Me: Nope, child bearing is not the reason for getting married. Companionship is. What are they teaching you in those churches you people attend?

Colleague: ehehn, is it not compaionship that leads to pregnancy?

Me: Nope, sex leads to pregnancy

Colleague: well, me I know one of the reasons for marriage is to have children.

Now completely irritated I responded.

marriage is for companionship not child bearing. Children however, are blessings of marriage. Besides I don’t need to be married to have children. But mostly marriage gives you a stable relationship, a promise that someone will have your back through good and bad times. But these days even a vow of marriage may not be good enough to have a partner through the thin, ill and even poverty of life.

At the end of the day, you’ve sometimes got to get your own back. So stop watching my womb you womb watcher and mind your goddamn business. 

I hissed, facing away from him I was still spewing anger on my face. My body reverberated and the chilly wind hit my face sending chills down my spine. 

This is me hugging myself not sure if its from the cool breeze or anger I still felt from my guts….


Finally, I watched Queen of Katwe last night, and I have this to say about the movie…

Based on a true life story, it was emotionally chargring whispers (I shed a few tears while watching). The reality of poverty all over Africa was layed bear. The reality of how hunger and homelessness as driven bright African minds into despair, into believing they can never become something came at the fore front of the movie.

What about the coach? He was a symbol of hope, of what determination and self drive could achieve but even he’s would be a fascinating story of how ones destiny can change completely when we allow our inner man show us the way. A struggling orphan who sort redemption from poverty in being the best engineer Ugandan could boast of. Became a chess coach to the country’s least privileged children. 

Uneducated though they were, he became an extraordinary teacher, seeking, developing and encouraging one of the brightest minds in the history of the board game.

The movie also brings to our conciousness, that there are different parts in life. Each step , every single action we take will lead us down the road we may or may not desire. Phiona Mutesi, chose like her brother the part of chess and education. This eventually brought her family freedom from penury and world wide fame.

Queen of Katwe is the story of struggle, self discovery, small victories that gave way for bigger ones whilst building the confidence of a downtrodden child. It is also the story of how sometimes a detour can show our true desire and help us find our true place in life.

The full movie is on you tube. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Okay, I know I don’t talk much about my day job but I love it. The analysis that comes with the job, reporting, risk analysis. 

Oh! I have the best job in the world. But I don’t talk much about it because, well I like to think of this blog as another aspect of my life.

An aspect I love as much as my day job though I’m unable to blog as much as I’d love to. 

So we were having this meeting and honestly I was concentrating and taking mental notes (I hating using writing pads). 

The meeting ended, and just as everybody got up to get back to their desks, I caught an unholy sight. Lol.

Some women have got asses! Damn!

I’m not talking, fake ass like dem Nicky Minaj’s pair. I’m talk real, raw, gigantic natural African asses. Kim Kadarshian’s or beyonce’s got nothing on them.

I don’t have anything near the smallest pair of ass in the picture above, but trust me I like women with some flesh on top of their legs. Eheh!

While the assful lady on the far right looks like her Burgundy covered ass could replace a mug holder, the middle wide ass in polka dots looks sexy on a woman who’s had three kids. The best look on the picture (personal opinion) is the tightly sitted pair in striped dress. 

Chai! Sometimes I feel like I understand men who drool when they look at endowed women because hell I drool too sometimes.