It can happen to anybody I keep telling myself. As I stirred through the window of the bus i eventually took this fateful day. 

It was chilly and rain has refused to stop. From my busstop to the office the cloud was bursting in unretractable tears.

It was early, I was sleepy and cold. Everywhere was wet. All I really wanted was to go back to bed, pull my coverlet up to my chin and hug it to sleep till evening. But for my job… 


Okay, before I loose track of my thought right now. So I got a lift just outside my house in Gwarinpa estate. I didn’t think twice before jumping into the nice looking vehicle as this man offered me a ride.

I dread rainy season, partly because I’m susceptible to cold and partly because I usually have episodes of rheumatism during this period. So I opted in, used the seat belt (I instinctively always do that), he asked and I answered. Wuse 2.

My journey was supposed to be a short happy ride as he himself was headed my way. What a lucky girl I was. I smiled, realising I’ve being wrong all my life thinking i’m never one for luck. At this very moment I felt lucky. My life long argument that there’s no such thing as luck was lost as I stirred through the window seeing how brutally the sky sheds. 

My day dream was short lived. I felt cold fingers on my lap. Jerking me back to reality, I immediately looked left to be sure there was no mistake here…

He smiled and through a set of gapped brown teeth said baby you’re beautiful. 

Huh! My eyes popped. No subtlety. No sass just plain askance. I realise this middle aged man didn’t give me a lift because he wanted to help his fellow “man”, no he gave me a ride because he felt I could pay back in kind.

I was furious. I said to myself Bukunmi, you should’ve known better. Your parents thought you well. For an instance I hesitated for fear of the down pour. I was tempted to play along till I got to my bus stop. 

Then shit got weird. He parked and asked if he could hold my “soft” hands for a little while. Quickly a decision was made. 

Unbuckling the seatbelt I ran out of the car in the rain. I just realised I was picked up by a sex predator. A total stranger, in an unfamiliar environment. Realising I had escaped without him knowing what to do and unsure of my reaction he sped off.

As his tale lights disappeared in the rain. I raised my head, faced the sky. Because right now, It seemed perfect to just stand there and let heavenly waters wash away my na├»vety…

While most free rides can sound like this when we’re in need. 

Free Ride
Well, not all free rides end up in that mood. Many have lost more than they bargained for while taking free rides.



Yas! It’s my birthday!!!

A new year begins. I’d love to reflect on last year but… It’s gone. 

A new year, new decisions, new goals. I’m adding a few adjustments to how I’ll be spending my time this year.

No room for unprofitable ventures, no room for negativity. I only want to be surrounded by good things, people and events that show me the bright side of life.

I’d be spending today going to church for 10am mass. Have a birthday thanksgiving, back home to cook a special meal for me and hubby. No partying. Sounds boring? Well that’s how I really like it. I’d gist you about how I really spent it later (I’m typing this the evening before my birthday). 

Happy birthday to Leos all over.

New 365days Loading.

The dreams I have as being vastly different from my reality. I wakeup everyday saying to myself; you can do this babe. If someone out there has achieved it then you too can. 
By night alas I’m sometimes where I left off in the morning. Many times I feel my life is either in a merigo-round or I’m just stagnant plain and simple.

While moving forward has been like an impossible task. I sometimes wakeup feeling unusually grateful. I’m sometimes filled with appreciation of being where I am at the moment. Thanking God for bringing so far.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Like few days of my life, I wokeup today grateful. Last year I was dating, living alone and blogging actively. The blog being my escape from reality, a place where I could get lost in thought, sometimes be happy, other times just rant out my pain. A year down the line I’m married to the man I truly love, I have a job still but while I’d love to blog more often my desire to blog isn’t fueled by loneliness anymore but by a desire to share hope and encourage those who come across my blog that things do get better.

A new year begins for me tomorrow. This time I’m looking forward to the new year with fresh eyes of hope. I’m looking forward to blogging more often. To spreading the hope I’ve found to live life to the fullest.

I’m believing this new year holds a lot. I’m promising to take my blog on this new 365days journey. Sharing as much as I can of the good the bad and the ugly. 

No one person has “the perfect” life. Together however, our flaws, joys, courage and fears will build a story that’s just perfect. 

Happy birthday in advance to me and all around the world who will be celebrating tomorrow.


From childhood I’ve loved reading. I attribute this trait to my mother who is more inclined to sit by herself reading all day. 
I guess I enjoyed all her bedtime stories so much that I was eager to read those stories myself. According to her I learnt to read earlier than my peers (my eagerness must have been the reason) so it wouldn’t surprise you if I told you that I was already reading mills &boom novels before I was nine. James Hardley Chase became a favourite when I was about thirteenth. And I was no stranger to drama novels of Danielle Steel, Terry Johnson, Douglas Coupland… Even Nigerian books were not off limits. Chinua Achebe’s things fall apart, No longer at ease, Arrow of God, were a natural favoirite while Professor Wole Soyinka’s the beautification was my best, his plays “the lion and the jewel” was an old dusty book I found in the house while we where moving. It instantly became my companion through the journey. 

Reading was my escape from reality. Various books fueled my dreams. While I sometimes attributed my inability to decide what I wanted to do with my life to reading too many genres of books, I enjoyed the fantasy I experienced while reading those books.
While I read school text books, encyclopedia and journals I felt like a nerd and dreamed of someday becoming an inventor or a successful researcher. Business books and journals made me desire becoming a chief executive someday. 

However, I remember being drawn to books about human psychology in the university even though I was a major in Chemistry. I read and discovered far more than I anticipated when I picked my first book on human behaviour by Tim Lahaye Why you act the way you do. The book naturally opened me to a new world of possibilities. I couldn’t get enough. So I kept reading anything human and psychology. Human behaviour, human relationships. I was also introduced to Taiwo Iredele Odubiyi’s novels (though they are religiously inclined, they are worth the read) through a friend and I enjoyed her books I couldn’t stop until I’ve read every book she ever published  you can get her books on amazon. I was also introduced to Francine Rivers books here and I read from her first book to the point that i started following when her next book will be published to get a copy. Tim Lahaye’s left behind series was popular in my time on campus and i joined the trend.

Then it was time to serve my father land and all through NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) I discovered a darker side to literature. I started reading about religions of the world, history of the Catholic church (one of the texts recommended for an evangelism course I was taking at the time). I read about dark arts, witchcraft, vamperism, demons and all sorts.
Though I’ve come to realise that when it comes to print for me, there are no boundaries, fortunately I discover this habit has made me wiser than my years, more open to suggestions and because I read on various topics it is also more difficult to accept some believes. 

Reading is fast becoming a lost habit. But if you’ve being able to read through this long post, it means you’re an avid reader.

However, if you are having difficulty reading the way you used to, just pick up a favourite book and read it again or a new book and you may just find your mojo again.