African Oppression- Former Nigerian Finance Minister

I was going through one of my favorite blogs and saw throw back pictures of Nigeria. I thought time was supposed to help us grow. But from those pictures I realize this cannot be said for Nigeria. The rot and decadency is our system is a story for another day.

Then among those pictures is one that really got to me. Man on man oppression is common but is usually frowned against especially when the race or tribe is different. But then this picture is dark. Really, what can I say. A minister of finance of Nigeria would show extravagance by buying too many yards of a material and have someone carry the excess around his neck like a leash as seen in the picture below.


Flanked by a wife that saw nothing wrong with this attitude or show of power and affluence by leashing another human being like a dog. A generation was born here. One that saw the display of power and affluence only through the oppression of another man.

Our corrupt governance is about individuals in government who would rather amass wealth illegally so they can oppress those they steal from. Politician’s are desperate and want to keep their positions or get a seat solely for the reason to enrich themselves and use this wealth to oppress the rest.

They travel to developed countries and enjoy the social amenities but refuse to bring such development to their country because the more comfortable the citizens become the more they start demanding for accountability which they can’t give because this means jail time.

Unfortunately, until very recently. All one needs to oppress another person in this country is money. Late last year this guy was arrested for attending a wedding party with “human dogs” He had leashed two women who go in front of him like his dogs and parades them around as such.


What the f* ! this guy is only 30years old. May be he is the grandson of the minister in the above picture Lol. But on a serious note, when a young man who should believe and think differently in a way that shows there is future for this country but still behaves like the minister from 1960s begs to question.

Is there hope for Nigerian youths. Do we have a shot at learning how to treat ourselves well. If we treat ourselves like animals why would any race or citizen of another country treat us better?





Why I gave up.


See I don’t kid myself o. I am not your classic worrier. I’m an addictive worrier. As in I feel worried for not having anything to worry about. As I write I’m shaking my head literally for myself at the pitiable state I find myself.

Up till yesterday I worry that this recession would hit so bad that it will become unbearable and I started chatting with an elderly friend but luckily I couldn’t  infect her with my negativity. She was like. Well the world is coming undone anyways. In my mind I was like WHAT! HOW CAN YOU NOT CARE!! EVERYTHING IS COMING TO SHIT!!!

She smiled and said, you worry too much especially over issues you have no control over. Why not focus on what you can change and pretend as if everything else is well. Then I thought to myself. True why can’t I focus on what I can control.

So I got home last night to realize I have an almost full pot of stew with no meat in it. I don’t have money to spear cooking another pot of meat and I know the meat was consumed without discretion by my good self Lol. so I decided, what da hell! at least I get to eat meat tonight I’ll let tomorrow worry about itself. Or isn’t that what we are thought in bible school.

Jesus said in Mathew 6:34 So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own

Honestly as this scripture came to mind, I just smiled to myself. How many times have I heard this, how many times have I read quotes and wise sayings about worrying but still decided to worry anyway. So last night taking my first baby steps, I took heed to those words.

Covering my pot full of stew but no meat I told myself. Not tonight girl, you have enough for today don’t let tomorrow’s worry bother you till tomorrow. I still don’t have money to buy meat o. But I’m so glad I could at least look the other way on this one.


So I give up worrying. And as a chronic worrier I pray I can continue to live by faith rather than by sight. Is it a bad idea to ask for a support group to help me go through actualizing my dream to someday stop worrying about how sad the world is?

I wanted to care but…


I have written a short post today and it’s surprisingly going well. Who are you people reading this Bull shit stuff I write with no editing and even taking time to like the post?

Ah! don’t get me wrong. I love the attention and the likes is a confirmation that someone is snooping in my journal you know. Well maybe I’m just weird and different. But…

thank you.png

Sigh so I wanted to say a quick shout out to those who have liked my first two posts (though I still find it strange that someone will find time to read this my writing) but, thank you Ashleya Nicole @ Your website is beautiful, you are a dotcom site and even do DIY stuff!  and you have a freebie right now! how cool is that. Yes do me I do you. You asked for this when you liked my very first post. Lol.

What were you thinking Tetiana Aleksina! It wasn’t even up to a minute yet and you’ve read and liked my second post! who are you? Well I checked you up too and woa! how can you have such a beautiful blog and huge followers and still have time to read my post? your blog is AWE – SOME and while I’m even still looking round your page I’m humbled by your passing bye.

Okay Makeitultra, why can’t I view your site? is it down or something. I will really love to see your blog too but as the name suggest I’m sure it will be an extra special site. and I say and ultra thank you for liking my post too. I will continue to try and view your page and update this post with your blog link too.

So I was able to view your blog finally. You’re a SHRINK! okay, first of all I love love your choice of pictures and thought you are a great photographer. Then I started seeing all the inspire and motivate posts. then your profile says you’re working towards your PHD! (I’m still struggling with having a masters degree) then on top of it I find out you are as good looking as your brain and words. Aww! I’m so day dreaming… Sorry. Before I run off track. Thank you for visiting my site and liking my post. You are doing good work on your site and I wish you well on your journey to holding a Phd (One I hope to earn too someday in future)

In the mean time, I thought I shouldn’t publish another post today. I was thinking I should have a routine and list of topics. Then again I remembered. This is supposed to be the Journal of a Nigerian girl. who cares how many times I write or not in a day. Who cares if I say thank you on the very first post or to the millionth subscriber.

I’m just glad I get this opportunity to write again without caring one beat.

What is Valentine’s day?

imagesNot to rain mess on your parade, but let’s face it. Somebody gave his life for another like hundred years ago. As in he died for a cause. So forgive me if I don’t really think we should honour his memory of a horrifying death by having random sex and buying things we cannot afford just to impress someone we don’t really care about (not in all cases though).

On my way to work this morning I can’t help but notice all the “red” in the air and I wonder. Is this a blood sign or love sign now. Many jokes have being circulating social media about how today is expensive for the masculine gender. How guys should call for boycott or how the female gender should be ready to pay back tonight.

I mean this sounds crazy. I’m in a loving relationship but still don’t believe in celebrating Saint Valentine this way. If you truly love your partner shouldn’t everyday be a new chance at celebrating your love life? is the sacrifice you make for each other. The just because gifts or thoughts you have towards each other not a sign of true love?

It becomes more annoying when children are told to wear red and white to school on this day. Please enlighten me. Do teachers gather the children round today telling them the story of a virtuous priest who gave his life for a couple? What is a red and white dress supposed to mean to a young girl? aren’t we propagating a culture of vanity and reducing love to a gift box?


Oh well what do I know? but if you ask me, I’d say love is an everyday event, if you find it cherish it. If you are still searching keep your heart open and never give up. But really there is no greater love than that of Christ exemplified again and through history the story of TRUE lovers like Saint Valentine who will give up his own life for someone else’s happiness. So before you jump into bed with that person ask yourself what Valentine is really about…


This is not my first post arrgghh!

While like the title states. This is not my first post. But it is the post were I get to whine and complain and become angry about why I just don’t seem to get things right for either the first or third time.

I will not bore you with the dreamz I had for my blog when I started almost two years ago. How it seemed I was growing and the huge mess I found myself in trying to decide which platform was good enough to host my “great” blog.

I upgraded to a dotcom status and announced that with all the excitement and hopes not knowing my eyes were blurred with dreamzzzz. Ah!

It’s being another hard year gone bye. A hacked website and an eventual wiping off of all my painfully researched and thought through posts .

I decided I was done blogging. I decided I had no energy for any such frivolities anymore. Enough is Enough!

It’s time to face my day job with all the extra energy since I seem to have it in abundance. Shior.

In the last three weeks my boss just won’t give me a break. I don’t know who told her but somehow she found out I “run” a blog. Unfortunately she couldn’t find the website and started asking me about the blog. I couldn’t tell her the blog was now in my past because it made me feel like a failure. I was too ashamed to tell her I “used” to run a blog because it just meant I have accepted defeat.

Sigh. Opening my mail this morning I saw a message encouraging me to renew my subscription to the dotcom thingy and inside me boiled. Exchange rate is not funny today’s black market for Iya Charlie (Great British Pounds) is N618 to 1GBP and wordpress is encouraging me to renew for what?!  oshi * is that my problem now?

I was sha vexed, then I found myself stirring at my dashboard this afternoon (I don’t know why really).

I eventually, decided that maybe I am not destined to harmmer through blogging. But if I can’t hammer (make money) I can sha be venting and talking anyhow since it’s a free platform and my opinion is mine.